Unisabaneta and INEPAZ united to create a Colombia in Peace.

Unisabaneta and INEPAZ united to create a Colombia in Peace.

With the agreement reached last Thursday, we start a  new chapter with no  back way  as Colombians. We, Corporación Universitaria de Sabaneta – Unisabaneta- (University Corporation of Sabaneta) and Instituto de Estudios de Paz –INEPAZ (Peace Studies Institute), celebrate the agreement reached between the Colombian Government and the FARC EP about the third point of the end of the conflict. We also recognize the support received from the UN The Community of Latin American and Caribbean States -CELAC- and from the governments of Venezuela, Chile, Norway, El Salvador and Cuba for fostering, accompanying and embracing this process we hope to successfully end for the future of our  country.

As a center of university studies, we hereby express our support to the different initiatives contributing to the task of implementing the peace agreements and to the diverse pedagogical and educational strategies that allow us to move towards a more eflcient democracy.

We consider that the implementation of the peace agreements must be done from a territorial approach and therefore we state or institutional will to help in the different tasks by contributing with our knowledge of contemporary Colombian history, in which the intention to defend the aforementioned agreements and the idea of a country in peace is a  must.

We invite all the institutional bodies, political parties, armed forces, business sectors, social movements, NGOs, the academy and the society as a whole (urban and rural areas) to work articulately and constantly to create a pacific, reconciled and fair country where the lives of all the demobilized ex-rebels, Human Rights defenders and social leaders are   defended.

Unisabaneta, in accordance with its institutional mission of training on innovation and entrepreneurship for peace, commits to contribute to the achievement of those objectives for Antioquia through actions to create a peace culture such as: the institutional seminar of peace and conflicts, the creation of academic units specialized in post-conflict research and pedagogy such as INEPAZ and Observatorio de Conflictos Sociales y Construcción de Paz, OCPAZ (Observatory of Social Conflicts and Peace Construction). Those institutional units have participated since 2015 in projects of analysis and surveillance of the unilateral ceasefire and the conflict scaling down  measures.

Besides, as an institution, we have also funded different research and social intervention projects of digital literacy and courses in human rights for demobilized ex-rebels and, we also offer educational financial aid for individuals belonging to population groups victims of the conflict.

Nowadays we celebrate and hope to have in Colombia a successful popular corroboration process of the agreements, bringing more stability and social legitimacy.