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Beginning this Friday, February 16th, Chocoramo will be distributed to all passengers on Latam’s domestic flights in Colombia. This follows a commercial agreement between Latam Airlines and Productos Ramos, seemingly initiated through social media.

Santiago Álvarez, the manager of Latam Colombia, shared a post on his Linkedin account this week addressed to Bernardo Serna, the president of Productos Ramo. In it, he expressed that, while thinking about strategies to «continue generating happiness and a good experience» for their passengers, they came up with the idea that one of the most beloved brands by Colombians would accompany them on board.

In less than 24 hours, Santiago Álvarez and Bernardo Serna were on board a Latam plane, finalizing the commercial agreement that includes the star product in the usual snacks distributed by Latam to its passengers.

«Today, I met with Bernardo Serna to coordinate the arrival of Chocoramo on Latam Airlines flights in Colombia,» explained Álvarez. «Starting from Friday, February 16th, at noon, this beloved product for Colombians will be served as a ‘snack’ in our onboard service. What joy.»

Until now, Latam Airlines had been distributing nuts and bars from Hatsu Snacks among its passengers, a brand part of Nutrium’s portfolio, a sister company of Postobón focused on food, which is part of the Ardila Lülle Organization. The airline has not confirmed whether it will discontinue Hatsu Snacks from its flights or if they will coexist with Chocoramo.